Multidimensional analysis of global car parc data

Our Vehicles In Operation (VIO) platform provides the most accurate global vehicle market data. Enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning we make sure you connect the right parts, vehicles and customers.
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  • Passenger Cars

  • Light Commercial Vehicles

  • Heavy Commercial Trucks & Buses

Easily boost your manufacturing & distribution decisions

Our VIO data provides you with the ultimate overview of all registered vehicles in any given country and it will do so on a level of granularity that is unparalleled.

Gain deep insights of the global automotive markets and make strategically sound business decisions that will prove their worth in the short and long run.

Whether you’re a supplier, a vehicle manufacturer, a reseller, or active in a completely different branch, the possibilities are numerous.

We are able to link our VIO data to the following vehicle IDs:


Gain valuable insights to optimise your product portfolio

To meet the individual requirements of all our data suppliers, we offer professional tools for data preparation and management.

From basic data preparation to high-end data management. This way you can provide your article data in high quality easily and comfortably. Both tools supports you in different stages of your workflow, contributing to cost and process optimisation and ultimately to the generation of revenue:


Raw data
Original raw data purchased from official global sources enriched with the knowledge and expertise of our local teams


Harmonisation & vehicle linkage
Mapping the original raw data to the TecAlliance standard using innovative, A.I.-based tooling guarantees clean, consistent and reliable VIO data


Data delivery
Delivering the final VIO data in a number of formats such as VDP, Excel, csv, txt, Access and SQL-based relational tables

Forecast VIO

Forecast model with a strong focus on country specific trends and developments available for passenger cars & light commercial vehicles.

Tyre data

We unify fully specified vehicle & tire data, complementing each other perfectly and which render the individual parts even stronger.

Let's get N.U.T.S

With N.U.T.S. we provide deeper geographical levels for 28 countries like city, post code, municipality, province, district, etc.

Automatic linkage of the vehicles in the raw data to the equivalent internal vehicle in our database. Missing attributes or values, or attributes showing deviations are highlighted automatically & a linkage suggestion based on the remaining values is provided to our data experts.

If a linkage is approved, our tool saves the corrective measures and automatically repeats them in future data translations – an ever evolving process of our self-learning algorithm.

How we use A.I. & machine learning to provide you the most reliable data possible

We are using our unique harmonisation tool to translate raw source data files & create linkages to our internal vehicle database. Developed in-house, it is continuously refined by adding new features while existing ones are tweaked and refined.

At this point we are processing the following source data types via our harmonisation tool:

Full parc source files (national/regional N.U.T.S.)
Sales & first time registration source files (bi-yearly)
Vehicle tables (spec list without quantities)
External data files linked to the HMD

Currently we are developing a brand-new model for our Forecast VIO based on mathematical models & machine learning, developed in cooperation with the University of Maastricht (School of Business and Economics, and the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering) in the Netherlands.

Available in various formats & integrated into some of our powerful solutions

Our VIO data is available in different formats ranging from several Excel variants, Access data bases, csv/txt, BAK and DAT files all the way to SQL-based relational formats.

In addition, VIO data can be accessed via our Vehicle Data Portal and is also provided through several of our product information management solutions.

Access our ultimate VIO data directly in your browser

We enable the Vehicles in Operation data in our web-based vehicle data portal and what happens next is entirely up to you.

Ultimate overview

Access all registered vehicles in any given country

Intuitive interface

Easily explore markets and make sound decisions

High granularity

Unparalleled level of granularity available

Export formats

Choose from various export formats

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Optimise your portfolio based on TecDoc® usage & VIO data

All in an easily accessible cloud-based solution providing an intuitive user interface for fast results.

Custom reports

Decide on brand, region, product or vehicle

System proposals

Supplement your missing links or cross references

Out of the box

Predefined analysis types incl. various gap analyses

TecDoc® VIO integration

Relevance of vehicle types per country & OE references

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High-end data management & insightful analytics with CCU

A powerful tool that integrates vehicle manufacturer parts information (OE) and vehicle in operation data (VIO). In addition, data maintenance of other formats such as MAM or ACES/PIES is also possible. Use numerous configuration options to adapt the tool to your individual needs.

Fully Integrated VIO & OE data
Reliable reconciliation of your data with OE data
100% accuracy in OE data research
Multiple data export formats possible

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Question? Talk to an expert about how you can easily bring your data into TecDoc®

Let one of our specialists walk you through our data onboarding process both with our product information management solutions or data service.

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    Your products in the world’s leading catalogue system

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    Latest up-to-date data for all your points of sale

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