Process all your electronic invoices in one platform

TecCom e-Invoicing offers a standardised invoicing solution for the automotive aftermarket community to optimise their day-to-day exchange of electronic invoices.
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Tax compliant invoice processing for both the invoice sender and invoice recipient as well as audit compliant archiving of invoice documents

Efficient invoicing and reduction of material and processing costs for sending invoices

Automatic incoming invoice processing minimises errors and reduces checking and handling times

Ease of business with our secure & efficient article data management solution

The aftermarket community faces critical challenges to maintain article data and keep them updated for their customers.

Ultimately this can lead to lost sales opportunities due to unavailability of parts data or data that has not been updated or has not been sent to the customers on time.

TecCom Collaborative Managed Data (CMD) offers an unique solution that helps both the supplier and the buyer to optimise their data management and overcome the challenges faced regularly.


Invoice transactions






Increase of transactions

Fast processing & handling of your invoices

Self-managed easy features that offer ease of business irrespective of the size and backend IT systems


Industry standard for structured data including format conversion

Well connected

Turnkey integration for SAP and other ERP systems available


Robust data transmission including receipt & dispatch of electronic invoices


Support for central settlement and roaming & optional qualified electronic signature

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