Professional data maintenance with our PIM solutions

We offer several professional data management tools. From basic data preparation to high-end data management. This way you can provide your article data in high quality easily and comfortably.

High-end data management & insightful analytics with CCU

A powerful tool that integrates vehicle manufacturer parts information (OE) and vehicle in operation data (VIO). In addition, data exporting to formats such as TecDoc, MAM and tailor made Web exports is also possible. Use numerous configuration options to adapt the tool to your individual needs.

Thanks to various reporting functions, you can use CCU to carry out insightful analyses of your product portfolio. This allows you to uncover gaps and achieve even better market coverage. In addition, you can also identify your sales potential at the part level instead of just based on VIO numbers per vehicle.

  • Standardised data maintenance
  • Export data in various formats
  • Coverage analysis by using global VIO data
  • Range analysis by using OE-data on TecDoc level
  • Extended competitor analysis

“We are now able to check our portfolio for gaps and even respond to customer requests that have not even been addressed to us yet.”

Anette Poulsen, Head of Product Management

Get started as a TecDoc® data supplier with our basic DMM

As a data supplier, you have the option of using our DMM to prepare and maintain your product data in TecDoc® standard free of charge*. The system checks whether your data meets the TecDoc® Standard.

Preset transport routes make data delivery easier for you. Integrated reports keep you informed about the status of the data check and allow direct jumps into data maintenance. With DMM, you always stay up to date and can import the latest reference data at any time.

*To use DMM, you need a connection to a new or an existing Oracle database after installation, which can result in additional license costs. We accompany you through the entire installation process with a hands-on training.

On premise

Locally hosted for efficient data management


Regular data updates and extensive functionality

Data function

Data validation, export and import into TecDoc®


Integrated data delivery to the TecDoc® data base

“We have been using CCU for one year now and we are still very satisfied. All the employees who work with the system are really happy. It’s really like the Information that is necessary to increase sales opportunities is now served on a silver plate.”

Sten Højland, Purchasing Director, Borg Automotive

Get your product data ready for TecDoc®

Whether you just need basic functionality or take your portfolio management to the next level with OE-data, VIO and analytics integration. We got you covered with our TecDoc® PIM solutions.
TecDoc® DMM TecDoc® CCU
Free of charge¹
Local installation
Import TecDoc format
Export TecDoc format
Export MAM
Adapted for replacement parts manufacturers
Data Maintenance of several brands
Multilingual interface
Integrated OE data
Detailed vehicle attributes
Import VIO data
Import VIO data on item level
ERP connectivity
Internal product management
Data validation

¹Free of charge within the scope of a concluded data supplier contract

Question? Talk to an expert about how you can easily bring your data into TecDoc®

Let one of our specialists walk you through our data onboarding process both with our product information management solutions or data service.

  • Highest visibility

    Your products in the world’s leading catalogue system

  • Optimised

    Latest up-to-date data for all your points of sale

  • Increase sales

    Reach a global customer base easily

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