Would it make your work easier if you had full transparency about the membership structures of all international trading groups (ITGs)? And you would not have to research this data yourself, but it would be updated for you… Our cloud-based solution myITG provides you with a complete, up-to-date picture of ITG membership and local structures. The solution makes it easy to efficiently prepare meetings at the big ITG events, even if different departments and locations are involved. After 2 years of successful use by 33 suppliers, we will launch an enhanced version with new functions and improved usability at Automechanika Frankfurt.

Frequent changes and the high level of complexity make it difficult to maintain an overview of the member structure of automotive international trading groups. Information is spread across channels like ITG websites and portals, mailing lists, and manufacturers’ CRM systems. However, parts manufacturers rely on these structures for processes such as business development, sales reporting and bonus calculations.

Preparing meetings at ITG events is also a challenge, especially if stakeholders from different departments and locations are involved. The lack of standardised, centralised information and processes ultimately impacts meeting quality because representatives are not optimally prepared. They are often unable to access all the relevant information on the spot.

Easy planning, execution and follow-up of ITG events

TecAlliance offers myITG to provide the best support to parts manufacturers so that they get the most out what are often very short “speed dates”. The cloud-based tool bundles all relevant global information about the trading groups, their members and locations in a standardised format so that users can collaboratively set up and prepare for events.

“The myITG tool is already in use by 33 well-known parts manufacturers and their feedback has been very positive. Now we have decided to include additional features to make their work even easier. After an intensive testing phase with our customers, we are happy to present this new version. It is also much faster and much easier to use”

Marco Monsees, Vice President Business Development at TecAlliance.

Highest efficiency and data security

The look and feel and the usability of myITG have been optimised so that it now offers more granular customisation options. Additionally, a map clearly shows the locations of the ITGs and their members.

The CRM Matching Wizard links the parts manufacturers’ customers from their CRM systems with the companies that are members of an ITG. All those contacts who do not match are actually potential customers that can be addressed by the sales staff.

A new template allows parts suppliers to easily report their sales figures for different members to the ITGs via their existing individual communication channels at the Generic Article level. This information can also be used internally for bonus calculations completely independent of myITG.

All data is safely stored by Amazon AWS cloud services in compliance with all international security standards such as the ISO/IEC-standards: ISO 27001 (Information Security), ISO 27017 (Cloud Security), ISO 27018 (Cloud Privacy) and ISO 27701 (Privacy Information Management). In addition, TecAlliance regularly performs internal penetration tests on the solution.

Three options to suit every need

myITG is available in three options: The BASIC version, which is free of charge to all TecDoc Data Suppliers, includes all the relevant information to prepare the next big buying group meeting, from details about the global ITG structure to member data.

The PLUS version is a very complete package. Parts manufacturers can match their customers with ITG members, download and upload data and see the whole ITG structure. Events are freely accessible. Furthermore there is a feature to customise each user interface, to make sure that everyone within the company has access to the relevant information.

The PRO version unleashes the full potential of myITG; parts manufacturers can collaboratively manage meetings at trading group events end-to-end with the whole team. The PRO version also provides a global event calendar and many features that make it easy to schedule, prepare and follow up the meetings.

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